FG 4.0 & XR6 Naturally Aspirated Models

Suspension & Wheel Packages

StreetFighter offer sports ride lowering packages for better handling and looks through to our fully adjustable coil-over shocker suspension system for spirited driving and track days.

With many years of experience in Motorsport, street performance, and track testing 6 cyl, V8 and Turbo Fords, StreetFighter technicians have settled on two names in high-performance suspension.

H & R and Bilstein! Two German companies that offer the highest level components that go into every StreetFighter suspension package. 

Nothing Comes Close to the value and performance that all StreetFighter suspension packages offer.

StreetFighter Lowering Springs

Progressive rate H & R lowering springs give your Ford that perfect ride height with improved handling. This all comes with the perfect ride quality expected from your new Ford.

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StreetFighter Lowering Springs and Short Rate Shocker

Improved bounce and rebound from short rate Bilstein shock absorbers coupled with H & R progressive rate springs takes you suspension to a further level of performance and handling. Premium ride quality.

StreetFighter Coil Over Shock Absorber Suspension

The ultimate in street and track suspension. Once again H & R springs are coupled with the Bilstein coil-over shocker design to give your Ford the very best in sport suspension. With fully adjustable ride heights and tuneable dampening and rebound*, StreetFighter can customise your FG Falcon for a balance of daily driving comfort, with the superior performance, stability and handling to obtain the very best from your Ford or FPV for any track day event.

* Special request only / with price difference.

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StreetFighter Wheels

Made in Australia exclusively for StreetFighter by R.O.H

StreetFighter have developed a wheel package to suit the FG Falcon range perfectly. These wheels are made of high-quality cast aluminum and finished off in the Signature StreetFighter black. StreetFighter offers this wheel as our signature series for the FG Falcon, due to their great enhanced looks, high quality, and exceptional value.

Sizing and offsets are exclusive to StreetFighter to perfectly fit all FG models.

Front: 8.5 x 20
Rear: 9.5 x 20

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StreetFighter Wheels

StreetFighter Wheels
Streetfighter Wheels


Retail Fitted

  • StreetFighter Handling Upgrades
    • StreetFighter Performance Ride Springs / Including Wheel Alignment
    • StreetFighter Coil Over Kit / Including Wheel Alignment