FPV Coyote 5.0 Supercharged GS, GT, GT-P & GT-F

Intercooling / Supercharger Upgrades

StreetFighter Performance upgrades to suit the most exciting Australian vehicle ever made- a level of power and performance that is truly world class

The 5.0 Coyote engine has been delivered in our Australian Falcons with a premium 1900 CFM Eaton supercharger. The offerings from this standard package have without doubt given us one of the most exciting platforms of power and performance from any Australian made vehicle.

With the addition of premium intercooling and a choice of higher boost packages, StreetFighter has taken this platform and transformed it from exciting to exhilarating.

StreetFighter 70mm Boost Pulley

Enables extra boost to be extracted out of your existing factory 75mm supercharger pulley. This allows for better power, acceleration and fuel economy. Easily installed and removed with our unique quick release design exclusive to StreetFighter.

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Streetfighter Snout, Cover and Pulley Upgrade (Supercharger)

Following on from our 70mm pulley upgrade StreetFighter offer a complete Snout, cover and pulley replacement for the factory 1900 supercharger. Our high grade billet aluminium snout and cover allow you to select any size of supercharger pulley all the way down to 58mm. This means the ability to extract the maximum boost and power from your standard 1900 supercharger.

Made from aircraft grade aluminium and manufactured to high standards, the StreetFighter front cover, snout and pulley not only outperform the standard unit, but also optimise the under-bonnet look of your supercharger and engine.

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StreetFighter Intercooling

StreetFighter have designed, developed and tested this Intercooler Kit on track, dyno and in extreme road and temperature conditions.

With the highest levels of intake temperature cooling available, the StreetFighter Intercooler Kit is designed to give maximum power and reliability in our harsh Australian temperatures. The StreetFighter Intercooling Kit is a must as you upgrade in power and vital in motorsport and high level upgrade applications. No other intercooler on the market comes close to the cooling and power potential capabilities of our StreetFighter intercooling.

With all the track development and testing, the StreetFighter Intercooler is primarily designed for the hot Australian climate. This has enabled us to deliver the only intercooler kit on the market that ensures protection of your S/C 5.0 and warranty.

The cores of our unique extrusion, heat exchangers offer no compromises with the profiles specifically designed for water to air intercooling. The ratio of wall thickness vs. surface area vs. fluid volume provide exceptional performance for cooling intake air with lifetime reliability.

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Retail Fitted

    • StreetFighter 70mm High Boost Pulley Kit $ 630
    • StreetFighter  Snout/61mm Pulley Upgrade Kit $ 2250
    • StreetFighter Intercooler Kit $ 5975