Mustang 2015-2017 GT V8

Exhaust Packages

For many years, Streetfighter exhausts have been widely regarded as Australia’s premium quality and sounding exhaust system for the Ford V8 5.0

StreetFighter have taken this same design and technology with an aim to compete with some of the most well-known Mustang exhaust brands.

Our aim was also not to compromise our exhaust systems by using an inline valve mechanism (bi-modal) system. Rather we develop NO DRONE guaranteed systems that sound great at all levels without intruding on cabin comfort or compromising full performance.

We believe that we have not only achieved this but exceed our own expectations with arguably the best sounding and performing exhaust system in the world for the 2017 Mustang V8.

Manufactured with 304 grade stainless steel, tig welded, and optimised SLC technology mufflers and resonators, every component on the StreetFighter exhaust is made of highest quality for strength and long term reliability for our unique Australian roads and conditions. As important is the ultimate sound quality from every StreetFighter exhaust made.

We believe that every exhaust should suit a requirement therefore we offer 2 combinations catering for varying levels of note and performance needs. And of course it must look good. On 2017 Mustang V8 models, we utilise only the very best twin skin stainless steel 3.5 inch dual or quad tips. *

Nothing comes close!

StreetFighter Cat-Back Exhausts

The catalytic-convertor back option is a great entry level exhaust. StreetFighter supply this exhaust to Ford dealers and retail customers looking for a great V8 note a step above the standard exhaust.

The choice here is mild smooth note from a 3 inch twin system with great looks from the stainless steel rear dual or quad tips.*

StreetFighter Full Exhausts

This exhaust replaces your factory headers with a larger more free flowing upgraded 1 7/8 inch ceramic coated header. We suggest this exhaust when chasing maximum power and note or if you are planning future upgrades: The StreetFighter Full 3 inch is our biggest system with an amazing supercar note.

It is suited for maximum power on naturally aspirated and supercharged applications and supports power levels up to 900Hp. The choice here is deeper smooth note from a 3 inch twin system with great looks from the stainless steel rear dual or quad tips. (Quad tips systems requires a supporting rear valance to be fitted)


Retail Fitted

  • StreetFighter 3.0 Inch Exhaust Systems
    • StreetFighter Cat-back 304 Stainless Steel Exhaust / Dual Tip / Online Store $ 2791
    • StreetFighter Full 304 Stainless Steel Exhaust / High Flow Cats / Dual Tips / Including 1 7/8 Inch Mild Steel Ceramic Coated Headers / Online Store $ 5334
  • Options
    • Upgrade to Quad Tip exhaust and StreetFighter Rear Fascia Valance (Raw Black)