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StreetFighter Fuel Solutions

KPM Fuel Systems Fuel Module

The KPM Fuel Systems range of Commodore Fuel Modules are engineered to be premium high flowing, high performance fuel pumps. All housed in an OEM style high flow fuel canister and distribution manifold, the KPM fuel module is mounted and immersed in the vehicles fuel tank as per OEM design and for ease of fitment. This design incorporates a venturi pump and refill valve system to permanently keep the fuel canister full.

This means that you can run the StreetFighter Fuel Module at any fuel level safely in all conditions, without the risk of surge or fuel starvation, including spirited driving, circuit days or drag racing.

The fuel pumps are both 100% Petrol and Ethanol compatible and able to deliver massive amounts of cool dense fuel at standard vehicle voltages.

This equates to optimum tuning and is offered in variants able to supply power levels of 800hp, 1000hp and 1500hp.

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KPM Fuel Systems Performance Fuel Injectors

Upgrading the fuel injection is vital once modifications are made to increase horsepower. Giving more flexibility for tuning and is necessary once the limit of the factory injectors/fuel system is reached.

KPM Fuel Injectors are developed with the highest precision engineering. All KPM Fuel System products are of the highest quality, through premium manufacturing processes. Our fuel injectors are serialised and individually characterised to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability.

The KPM Fuel Systems range of injectors are available in several variants, suitable for mild through to heavily modified vehicles, allowing increased fuel flow and developed for performance tuning. The injectors are a complete, machined, flow tested set. Along with the injectors we provide the scaling data used for precise tuning.

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