Camaro 2SS 2018 - Onwards

StreetFighter Performance Products

Designed to provide the highest level of performance and reliability for the 2018 – Onwards Camaro 2SS

We develop all our products with the highest level of precision and quality. With an OEM style aesthetic, and attention to detail, StreetFighter products are in a class of their own.

StreetFighter products and upgrade packages are all developed through innovative design, and utilising the highest quality components available.

Nothing Comes Close!

StreetFighter Performance Products

StreetFighter Customised Tuning

StreetFighter Specialist Workshops Australia wide specialise in high performance tuning and reprogramming of your 2018 – Onwards Camaro computer.
The StreetFighter performance tune is simply, your individual vehicle carefully and systematically tuned /reprogrammed on our chassis dyno to achieve the very best power, performance and drive ability.
The extra advantage is that as you improve your engines tune/program the fuel economy also improves. Extra power, performance and improved fuel economy.
StreetFighter customised tuning is available at all StreetFighter Specialist Workshops across Australia and New Zealand.

Streetfighter Cat Back Exhaust

The catalytic-convertor back option is a great entry level exhaust. StreetFighter supply this exhaust to HSV dealers and retail customers looking for a great V8 note a step above the standard exhaust. The choice here is mild smooth note from a 3″ twin system with great looks from the stainless steel rear quad tips.

Available through the online store


Streetfighter Full Premium Exhaust

This exhaust replaces your factory headers with a larger more free flowing upgraded 1 7/8 inch ceramic coated header. We suggest this exhaust when chasing maximum power and note or if you are planning future upgrades. The StreetFighter Full 3 inch is our biggest system with an amazing supercar note. The choice here is deeper smooth note from a 3 inch twin system with great looks from the stainless steel rear quad tips.

Available through the online store

Streetfighter Performance Airbox

The StreetFighter Performance Airbox utilises a high quality air filter for maximum air flow. This gives it an improved induction sound and it’s proven dyno tested for maximum power gains. It has a complete factory look under the bonnet and is made from the highest quality factory plastic. Due to its OEM style design it is extremely easy to install.

The StreetFighter air intake is the best value on the market. Not just in its high quality aesthetic and construction, but also giving your car the maximum power gains.

The StreetFighter Performance Airbox is available for the Camaro 2SS 2018 – Onwards.

Available through the online store

StreetFighter Premium Vehicle Badging

The StreetFighter Premium vehicle Badging is available exclusively with the StreetFighter Power Packages on the Camaro 2SS. To uniquely identify your Camaro, StreetFighter offer the full badge set which includes a front grille badge, rear boot lid badge, and signature StreetFighter badge.

The SF badges represent the ‘Power Package’, ‘Supercharged Package’ or ‘Race Vehicle Package’ fitted to your Camaro 2SS. With the option of a front and rear mounted premium badge.

The StreetFighter signature badge, available in black or chrome, is instantly recognisable, and will let everyone know your vehicle is a true StreetFighter.

The Premium Vehicle Badge sets are available on the following packages: SFPI, SFPII, SFPIII, SF650S, SF750S, SF1000R.

StreetFighter 3 Year Limited Driveline Warranty

The StreetFighter Warranty Protection Plan provides additional warranty cover to your Vehicle Manufacturer’s Warranty in the event your vehicle suffers failure as a consequence of a StreetFighter fitted modification. The Warranty Protection Plan comes into effect if a warranty claim is denied by your vehicle manufacturer due to a StreetFighter upgrade or product issue.

The StreetFighter 3 Year Limited Driveline Warranty is the ultimate peace of mind protection for your vehicle.

Full Warranty details available here