Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered the most common questions we receive about tuning your 4WD/SUV

What is an SF Power Flash?

The StreetFighter (SF) Power Flash is a modern method of re-calibrating your vehicles engine computer by simply uploading changes to improve power and fuel economy with perfect reliability.

Every Power Flash calibration is carried out on dyno for every individual vehicle upgraded. This ensures tuning for optimum performance and reliability on your vehicle.

Every Power Flash upgrade comes with before and after testing results so you can be sure that your vehicle has been tuned to the optimum levels that you expected.

What is the difference between “Chip Tuning” vs “SF Power Flash”

As the name suggests the SF Power Flash uploads (flashes) a re calibrated/improved tune internally into your vehicles computer vs. chip tuning which requires hard-wiring an extra chip (small microprocessor computer) to alter/trick signals externally to your vehicles computer.

Trying to trick the internal factory settings by externally “chipping” the readings to the computer creates a situation where the vehicle will always tries to revert to its original pre-programmed settings.

Modern vehicle computers are extremely intelligent and will always “adapt” or “re-learn” to their original factory pre-programmed internal settings.

This constant battle between the “chip” and the vehicle computer can cause poor performance and often trigger the “engine check” light to flash. At worst the engine can start to run unreliably which could also result in damage.

This makes for substandard engine performance and reliability.

Power Flashing allows the technician to re-calibrate the original pre-programmed settings with a focus on higher performance. It also allows changes to be made to a multitude of parameters that chipping simply cannot access or trick.

This makes for perfect, reliable tuning with optimum results.

How does the Power Flash achieve extra performance?

This is done by a technician monitoring your engines critical sensors and outputs while they record your standard vehicles performance data on a dyno.

From the standard vehicle data, our technicians can determine the correct settings to re-calibrate your vehicles computer to deliver optimum, power, torque, fuel economy and most importantly long term reliability.

We do this by downloading your engine computer calibration onto our tuning computer by using our exclusive SF Power Flash software.

StreetFighter technicians can then best re-write the engine computer settings according to the dyno test recordings. The re-calibrated settings are then uploaded (Flashed) back into your engine computer for further testing and evaluation on dyno.

The re-calibration process is continually repeated out on dyno until our technicians record the optimum power, torque and reliability outputs from your vehicles re-calibration tune.

This tuning method is the same way your vehicle tune is developed at factory by the manufacturer engineers.

Some of the important parameters that are re-calibrated are:

  • Fuel
  • Boost
  • Torque management
  • Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) tuning
  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF) tuning
  • Air mass calibration
  • Speed limiters
  • Rev limiters
Why doesn’t the vehicles manufacturer tune to achieve best power and performance from factory?

Manufacturer engineers, are restricted in delivering the optimum tune for new vehicles.  Many factors, include engine variances, differing fuels, and local climates of the vehicles final destination. This all impacts on the manufacturer’s ability to sell vehicles with optimised tunes.

Another factor is that it is not practical or commercially viable for the vehicle manufacturer to dyno test and perfectly customise every individual vehicles tune before they are sold.

They rely on a single “blanket” tune setting to be suitable for every vehicle that is manufactured of that model. This single “blanket” tune will be suitable for all the vehicles, with usually 15 to 20 percent from being at optimum.

The advantage our StreetFighter technicians have is that we can flash tune your vehicle individually on dyno, customised to your local conditions, fuels, driver styles and usage.

This therefore enables us to reliably extract the very best performance form your individual engine versus the “one size fits all” tune supplied as standard.

Will the Power Flash affect my manufacturer’s warranty?

Upgrading your vehicle with any aftermarket components or computer re-calibration may void your manufacturer’s warranty. This is especially true with performance based upgrades.

Should you want to have complete peace of mind, our StreetFighter Warranty Protection Plan provides additional warranty cover to your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty in the event your vehicle suffers failure as a consequence of a StreetFighter Power Flash. The Warranty Protection Plan comes into effect if a warranty claim is denied by your vehicle manufacturer due to a StreetFighter Power Flash or product issue.

Will the Power Flash cause any damage to my engine or components?


All SF Power Flash upgrades are individually carried out on dyno while testing all critical readings. This ensures that you receive best performance with factory reliability.

Will the Power Flash cause any damage or malfunction of my vehicle computer system/s?


The Flashing/uploading method is how the factory engineers tune your vehicle at factory. This ensures your program is uploaded into your vehicle computer safely.

How much extra power will it make?

All vehicles will differ, however a rule of thumb on most modern turbo diesels is a 15-30% increase on both power and torque.

Our vehicle selection pages will have a listing for your individual vehicles estimated increase.

What will happen to my fuel economy?

Fuel economy generally improves due to a more efficient tune, specifically tailored on dyno to your vehicle.

However, be aware!  You will initially enjoy the extra power available from your SF Power Flash.

This often causes you to drive harder for a period while getting used to it. This may decrease you’re economy while doing so.

How long does a Power Flash last?

Once uploaded the SF Power Flash remains permanently in your vehicles computer.

It does not become “out of tune” or need re-tuning.

It should also be noted that you can easily have your fitment workshop re-upload your standard factory tune at any time should you wish to do so. Both the factory tune and the SF Power Flash can be uploaded infinite times dependent on which tune you want left in the computer.

How long does it take to Power Flash my car?

Most vehicles allow us to easily Power Flash them and have ready same day.

Some models do require an extra day due to the extra procedures needed.

Please enquire with your Streetfighter Specialist on how long they require your model vehicle to Power Flash.

Can I ever return back to my factory settings after a Power Flash?

Yes, no problems at all. Generally it is only a simple 10 min re-load of your factory settings by your closest StreetFighter Specialist Workshop Australia and New Zealand Wide. Again, depending on your model the longest it would take is leaving the vehicle for 2 days to return to standard settings.

How much will it cost for a Power Flash?

Every model vehicle has a specific and differing method of carrying out a Power Flash.

Depending on the procedure required on your car will vary pricing. All prices are listed on the vehicle selection section.

What if I don’t feel any power increase or difference in the way my car performs?

All SF Power Flash upgrades are tuned with power increases recorded on specialist dyno testing equipment. This means that every SF Power Flash is only sold with the verified dyno test and results of before and after increase.

However if you still feel no changes in power and you return to your StreetFighter Workshop within 7 days, we will refund you 90% of your original invoice and return your vehicle back to factory settings.