Mustang 2017 ECO Boost

Power Packages

Streetfighter Power Packages are designed to increase your 2017 Eco Boost Mustang power, performance and sound to a new level.

We utilise the highest quality stainless steel performance exhaust systems, factory style air intake systems and customised computer reprogramming on, each and every StreetFighter Power Package.

StreetFighter take the factory delivered vehicle and individually customise it to the perfect level of power, performance and fuel economy to suit your individual requirements.

Nothing comes close!

Customised Dyno Tuning / Reprogramming


StreetFighter workshops Australia wide are specialist in high performance tuning and reprogramming of your 2017 Mustang Computer. The StreetFighter Performance tune is simply, your individual vehicle carefully and systematically tuned /reprogrammed on our chassis dyno to achieve the very best power, performance and driveability.

The extra advantage is that as you improve your engines tune/program the fuel economy also improves.

Extra power, performance, and improved fuel economy!



As per all vehicle manufacturers worldwide, Ford engineers do a great job in offering a vehicle tune/program that suits the model in all conditions and environments. This includes a tune/program that allows for varying or poor fuels in varying regions. The manufacturer engineers also take into account differing driving styles and levels of maintenance.

Due to the same tune/ program being loaded into a mass production of vehicles and taking into account all the considerations above manufactures will always take a conservative and restrictive approach and offer a vehicle tune/program below its peak performance level. This allows for a healthy percentage of conservatism should the vehicle be exposed to any non-ideal environments.



StreetFighter workshops understand this and are able to take advantage of the factory conservative tunes. We utilise the same methods of tuning/programming as the Ford engineers to ensure that your Mustang runs at its premium. The difference to the manufacturing tuning/program is that we can individually take a vehicle and customise the tuning on our chassis dyno whilst carefully monitoring all systems to suit the individual vehicle / conditions and fuels.

The results are a perfect tune giving increased power, improved drivability and in most cases improved fuel economy. And even more importantly every car is tuned with perfect lifetime reliability.


StreetFighter customised tuning/programming can also be used to upgrade to even further power levels with the addition of added performance components including our StreetFighter cold air intakes, exhaust systems, Superchargers and more.

Nothing Comes Close!



Streetfighter Performance Airbox

Included in the StreetFighter Power Package is the performance airbox. Designed for maximum airflow with an OEM style finish.

The StreetFighter performance airbox ensures the motor is getting increased air, which when combined with the StreetFighter Tune and exhaust results in increased power and performance.

Available also through Online Store


Streetfighter Full Exhaust

This option is a great exhaust offering extra performance from a true straight through system. StreetFighter supply this exhaust to Ford dealers and retail customers looking for a great note a step above the standard exhaust.

The choice here is mild smooth note from a 3 inch twin system with great looks from the stainless steel rear dual or quad tips.*

* Quad tips systems requires a supporting rear valance to be fitted

Available also through Online Store


Streetfighter Premium Badging

All StreetFighter Power Packages include premium badging as an included option.

Available in either: Black or Chrome



Streetfighter 3 Year Limited Driveline Warranty

The Streetfighter Warranty Protection Plan provides additional warranty cover to your Vehicle Manufacturer’s Warranty in the event your vehicle suffers failure as a consequence of a Streetfighter fitted modification. The Warranty Protection Plan comes into effect if a warranty claim is denied by your vehicle manufacturer due to a Streetfighter upgrade or product issue.






Retail Fitted

  • SF-375T Performance Package
    Increase to 375 HP / 280kW* (+47kW) $ 6160

      • StreetFighter Performance Air box
      • StreetFighter Full Premium Sound 304 Stainless Steel / Dual Tips
      • StreetFighter Specialist Custom on-Dyno Calibration Increase Performance to 375 Hp / 280 kw
      • StreetFighter Rear Exterior Badge
      • Including 3 Year / 100,000 km Limited Driveline Warranty
  • Options $ 1287
    • Quad Tips
      • Upgrade to quad tip exhaust and StreetFighter rear fascia valance (Raw Black)
  • SF N-Gauge (Supply Only)
    Includes 3 customised tunes & N-Gauge Unit / Online Store $ 890

*Power figures may vary based on individual vehicle and dyno results