Mustang 2017 ECO Boost

Handling Packages

Streetfighter offer sports ride lowering packages for better handling and looks through to our fully adjustable coil over shocker suspension system for spirited driving and track days.

With many years of experience in Motorsport, street performance and track testing 6 cyl, V8 and turbo Fords, StreetFighter technicians have settled on two names in high performance suspension.

H & R and Bilstein! Two German companies that offer the highest level components that go into every StreetFighter suspension package. Now the worlds best name in suspension has been specifically developed for the new Australian 2017 Mustang.

Nothing comes close to the value and performance that all StreetFighter suspension packages offers.

StreetFighter Lowering Springs

Progressive rate H & R lowering springs give your vehicle that perfect ride height around 30mm lower than standard, with improved handling. This all comes with the perfect ride quality expected from your new 2017 Mustang.

  • Professionally fitted
  • Includes 4 wheel alignment


StreetFighter Handling Pack / Stabiliser Bars

Along with progressive rate H & R lowering springs the StreetFighter handling package includes H & R heavy duty stabiliser bars. This combination gives premium ride quality while able to demand the most from road and track.

  • Professionally Fitted
  • Includes 4 wheel alignment

StreetFighter Fully Adjustable Handling Pack / Stabiliser Bars

The ultimate in street and track suspension. Once again H & R springs are coupled with the Bilstein Coil over shocker design to give your vehicle the very best in sport suspension.

With fully adjustable ride heights and tuneable dampening and rebound*, StreetFighter can customise your 2017 Mustang for a balance of daily driving comfort, with the superior performance, stability and handling  to obtain the very best from your Mustang for any track day event.


* Special request only / with price difference.

StreetFighter Wheels

Made in Australia exclusively for StreetFighter

With the extra power that the amazing Mustang 5.0 Coyote delivers, traction from the standard wheels/tyres becomes an issue. For this reason StreetFighter has developed 2 wheel packages to suit.

These wheels are made of high quality cast aluminium and finished off in the signature StreetFighter black. StreetFighter offer both style wheels as our signature series for the 2017 Australian Mustang, due to their great enhanced looks, high quality and exceptional value.

Sizing and offsets are exclusive to StreetFighter to perfectly fit all 2017 Mustang Eco Boost and GT 5.0 models.

StreetFighter Arrow
Front 20 x 9.5
Rear 20 x 9.5

StreetFighter Extreme Coming Soon! TBA
*Tyres not included

Brake Packages

StreetFighter understand that with increase in power there needs to be an increase in braking ability.

StreetFighter can upgrade your front rotors and pads with slotted items and performance pads.



Retail Fitted

  • StreetFighter Lowering Springs $ 1474
  • StreetFighter Handling Pack $ 2732
  • StreetFighter Fully Adjustable Handling Kit $ 4925
  • StreeFighter Front Slotted Rotors $ 1932
  • StreetFighter Arrow Wheels $ 1500
  • StreetFighter Extreme Wheels $ TBA