Streetfighter Warranty Protection Plan

Have peace of
mind with the Streetfighter Warranty
Protection Plan.


You may not be aware that upgrading your new vehicle with aftermarket components may void your Manufacturer’s Warranty. This is especially true with performance based upgrades.

The Streetfighter Warranty Protection Plan provides additional warranty cover to your Vehicle Manufacturer’s Warranty in the event your vehicle suffers failure as a consequence of a Streetfighter fitted modification. The Warranty Protection Plan comes into effect if a warranty claim is denied by your vehicle manufacturer due to a Streetfighter upgrade or product issue.

What is covered under warranty?

Streetfighter Warranty Protection covers parts and labour of listed Covered Components (see table below) to repair the vehicle to a condition consistent with the age, condition and kilometres your vehicle has travelled.

What servicing is required?

To maintain the warranty on your vehicle, regular servicing and maintenance needs to be carried out in accordance with the Streetfighter Warranty Protection Plan servicing requirements by an authorised Streetfighter agent (please refer to Warranty Terms and Conditions for full details).

Is the warranty transferable?

This warranty is fully transferable to a new owner in the event you sell your car – providing added value to potential buyers.

What plans and terms are available?

Streetfighter offers the following plans for 1, 2, or 3 years.

Limited Driveline Warranty

Provides limited cover for main driveline components up to $10,000 per claim. (See table below).

Full Warranty Protection Plan

Covers mechanical and electrical items as covered by your vehicle manufacturer’s original warranty up to the market value at the time of the claim. (See table below).

Covered Components and Maximum Financial Limits (inclusive of GST) per claim

Covered Components Plan A & Plan B (Supercharger) Vehicle 5 years and under that have travelled less than 120,000kms. Plan C & Plan D (Supercharger) Vehicles still under Manufacturer’s Warranty less than 200,000kms.
Engine: Engine block, crankshaft, meshing timing gears, oil pump, pistons, piston rings, crankshaft bearings, cylinders, wrist pins, camshaft, camshaft gears, connecting rods, internal bushings, balance shaft and bearings only. $10,000 Covers mechanical and electrical items as covered by the manufacturer which is specified in the Manufacturer’s Warranty book up to the market value of the vehicle due to failure caused by any Streetfighter Modification/s.
Gearbox/Transmission: Internal lubricated parts of both manual & auto transmissions only. $10,000
Differential: Internal lubricated parts only. $10,000
Vehicle Management System: Internal components of engine ECU only. $2,000
Drive Shaft and Universals: Drive shaft and universal joints only. $2,000

Please note: This information is designed as a overview only. For full Terms and Conditions please refer to the Streetfighter Warranty Protection Plan Warranty Book. This Warranty is administered by National Warranty Company Pty Ltd. ABN 66 087 662 771