VF SS, SSV & HSV Clubsport

Supercharger Packages

StreetFighter offer two levels of supercharging for your VF Commodore:

StreetFighter 2300 Supercharger Package

Our top of the line StreetFighter 2300 Supercharger package is the ultimate power and performance package available. Utilising Eaton’s larger 2300cfm internals, premium twin water to air intercooling system, StreetFighter delivers up to 120 kw increase of power* effortlessly!

With this type of power and performance, coupled with a racy factory finish and under bonnet look, we believe Nothing Comes Close to the Streetfighter 2300 Supercharger Package.

Retail Fitted

  • StreetFighter 2300 Supercharger Increase Performance to 540kW / 990Nm* $20990
      • StreetFighter 2300 Supercharger Kit
      • StreetFighter OTR Cold Air Intake (inc. trim and infill panels)
      • StreetFighter Specialist Custom on-Dyno Calibration
      • Fitment Labour / Before and After Dyno Graph
  • Options
    • 10% overdrive balancer adds 2 psi $649
    • 80-85mm Pulley and Belt adds 2-3 psi $202
    • Snout, overdrive balancer and pulley Kit 15-18 psi (includes Snout, 70 or 75mm Pulley, 10% overdrive balancer) $3999
    • KPM1500cc Injectors $1160
    • KPM 800hp intank fuel system (VE-VF) ( direct replacemant fitment) $895
    • KPM 800hp intank fuel system (VE-VF) ( direct replacemant fitment) Inc. Retrofit Kit $1395
    • StreetFighter Single Organic Clutch Kit 890 nm (Inc C/moly f/wheel) $1820
    • StreetFighter Twin Organic Clutch Kit 1300 nm (Includes C/moly f/wheel) $2390
    • StreetFighter Twin Ceramic Clutch Kit 1830 nm (Includes C/moly f/wheel) $2277

*Estimated power ratings at the engine. Actual power will be measured at the rear wheels, before and after the upgrades are installed and tuned. 

*Power figures may vary based on Individual Vehicle and Dyno Setup

*Automatic transmission vehicle power figures will be 5-8% lower than Manual transmission