2300 Supercharger Package

Our top of the line Streetfighter 2300 Supercharger package is the ultimate power and performance package available.

Utilising Eaton’s larger 2300cfm internals and premium Streetfighter water to air intercooling system, Streetfighter delivers up to 180 kw increase of power effortlessly!

For ultimate power and performance with OEM look, quality and fit, we believe nothing comes close to the Streetfighter 2300 Supercharger Package.

This package is a complete bolt on bolt off option to the factory 1900 Supercharger. Includes a complete no fuss change over assembly that is easily fitted in several hours with every thing needed to complete the transformation to an OEM standard.

Due to the larger amount of air delivered the 2300 supercharger can make more power with less effort. This means an even more efficient supercharging system able to extract the best out of the GTS LSA 6.2l engine.

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Retail Fitted

    Increase Performance to 650kW / 1200nm+ $29453

      • Magnuson 2.3L supercharger (Heartbeat kit)
      • StreetFighter high flow air intake system (enclosed)
      • Performance spark plugs
      • KPM 1000cc injectors
      • StreetFighter 3.0″ full premium sound 304 stainless steel exhaust / dual tips / ceramic tuned headers 2.0″
      • StreetFighter stage 2 camshaft package
      • StreetFighter CNC ported cylinder heads / performance lifters
      • StreetFighter custom dyno performance tune
      • Fitment labour / before and after dyno graph
  •  Options
    • KPM 800hp intank pump $895
    • KPM 1500cc injectors $1160
    • Magnuson supercharger LSA, 15% overdrive balancer and pulley kit $3999