Performance Upgrades

StreetFighter offer a range of performance upgrades and packages for your 4WD or SUV

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StreetFighter’s vehicle specialists utilise the latest technology for tuning, and the highest quality engineered components.

This means you get increased performance, with OEM fitment and reliability from your upgrades.

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How Power Flash Works

Perfectly customise and optimise the ECU tune on your vehicle

Using our SF Flash and SF Active technology, StreetFighter specialist tuners can safely access the factory engine computer and custom tune each vehicle to its optimum level of power and torque.

This is done by monitoring your engines critical sensors and outputs while we carefully test and record your standard vehicles performance on a dynamometer.

From the standard vehicle data, our technicians can determine the correct settings to re-calibrate your vehicles computer to deliver optimum, power, torque, fuel economy and most importantly long term reliability.

We do this by downloading your engine computer calibration onto our tuning computer by using our exclusive SF Power Flash software.

StreetFighter technicians can then best re-write the engine computer settings according to the dyno test recordings. The re-calibrated settings are then uploaded (Flashed) back into your engine computer for further testing and evaluation on dyno.

The re-calibration process is continually repeated on dyno until our technicians record the optimum power, torque and reliability outputs from your vehicles re-calibration tune.

This tuning method is the same way your vehicle tune is developed at factory by the manufacturer engineers. Manufacturer engineers however, are restricted in delivering the optimum tune for new vehicles.  Many factors, include engine variances, differing fuels, and local climates of the vehicles final destination. This all impacts on the manufacturer’s ability to sell vehicles with optimised tunes.

The advantage our StreetFighter technicians have is that we can flash tune your vehicle individually on dyno, customised to your local conditions, fuels, driver styles and usage.

This therefore enables us to reliably extract the very best performance from your individual engine.

Performance Upgrades & Packages

StreetFighter offer a range of performance upgrades and packages for your 4WD or SUV

At StreetFighter we have available for a range of 4WD:

  • Exhaust Systems

  • Clutch upgrades

  • Suspension Packages

  • Warranty Options

Contact your local StreetFighter Specialist Workshop to see what we can do for your vehicle.